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Technology Is Our New Innovation - 2380 Words

Since the beginning of the first civilization, the only way for survival was the consciousness of having to modernize the living situations of human beings. The only way one could develop a better future was by improving what they already had with the discovery of new innovations. In this lifetime, technology is our new innovation. It is what we need to improve on and become more familiar with so we can establish a better future. A future like that can only be possible if we allow the advances of technology to move forward. In this modern era, the gradual advances in our technology have helped us to succeed in a superior and more significant way. It is because of these advances that we have become the prominent civilization we are today.†¦show more content†¦A reason to why our modern technology is significant can be determined by the knowledge growth a child has had because of these advances. Toddlers are curious about the world around them and about learning because it is all new to them and so they are using their developing sense of initiative and creativity to absorb it. In a dumbfounding way, they are exploring their ability to create and communicate in a variety of ways like repeating all the words they hear, copying the movements of another human being or using their bodies to express their ideas or thoughts like dancing or singing. Since that is what children have been doing, digital technologies provide one more outlet for them to demonstrate their creativity and progress in learning. However, many believe that computers or any kind of device with internet access should not be for children of ages between four and below. Their argument would be that those devices are not appropriate or significant for them. They believe that children should use their imagination more often than letting a device ruin that. Except, this technology is not ruining their imagination. In fact, it is enhancing their imagination. Experts have been looking into this and this is what they say, â€Å"Appropriate use of technology in the classroom is to expand, enrich, implement, individualize, differentiate, and extend the overall curriculum. And, obviously, curricula goals change with age, and differ from program to program† (Wardle 1). This

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The Chronicles of College Research Essay Topics

The Chronicles of College Research Essay Topics The ideal thing about an argumentative essay which contains social issues is you may describe your own personal experience on the case of the real-life case. Among the most prevalent issues in our world today is the matter of deforestation. To the contrary, it can likewise be quite interesting to work on only in case you have good topic in your hands since it is thought of as the backbone of an evaluative essay. Figuratively, it's truth because your intent is to be rewarded with higher mark. Your attitude to the topic may well decide on the amount of work and enthusiasm that you put into your research. The experiment will test whether or not a person could keep giving electric shocks to a different individual simply because they are told to achieve that. You're lucky if you're given one or can select from the list, but usually you get into sink or swim situation when you ought to receive a subject for your research all on your own. Use the chance of a research to study something you're interested in. Want to Know More About College Research Essay Topics? The essay is a chance for students to inform their personal stories and attempt to stick out from the remainder of the crowd. Realistic purpose of a research Students are excessively ambitious sometimes and choose topics that couldn't be easily researched. College students are anticipated to deliver premium quality research papers that satisfy strict requirement as to contents and form. Writing custom research papers can be an arduous undertaking to several students as it involves several measures and take a lot of commitment. So, the one thing you need to do is merely to organize information you've found and texts you have written for your research. If you're finding it challenging to acquire topics for your customized research papers you may log on to the world wide web and view thousand of topics and decide on a suitable one from there. It is difficult to locate a terrific website with free examples of argumentative papers and inexpensive customized essays. With our custom made essay offer, you can be guaranteed to get any sort of essay help you're looking for. Now, once you should have gotten all the points, you should write something which resembles the major paper in some manner. Provided that you've got the key points clearly stated, you shouldn't have any issue giving a speech! You are able to say several things about this issue, but everything you say will be at an incredibly basic or survey level. If you're not interested in a topic your self, you might not have the ability to help it become interesting for the readers to experience all of your article. The Key to Successful College Research Essay Topics Easy expository essays are essays where you're anticipated to work on facts instead of opinions. Explain briefly the key points you intend to cover in your paper and why readers ought to be interested in your topic. It is extremely easy to discover such a topic and also write this kind of essay as long as you observe a few essential rules. It's possible you will select one broad topic, but it's difficult to address a wide topic in research essay writing. A Secret Weapon for College Research Essay Topics In any case, it's fantastic to have your very own professional regions of research it can help you in your future academic or professional career. Generally, social science research, a scientific research, applies similar research methodologies the very same as other kinds of research like marketing research that is inherent with both quantitative strategy and qualitative strategy, clinical research that's emphasized on specific areas like pharmaceutical, chemical, health care research, and so forth. Students can't choose the very first idea they see on the net or in the print media it's about choosing excellent research paper topics on the relevant troubles. Daily they need t o complete a lot of important tasks that require close attention. If you're not certain how to begin your research essay, do some preliminary research to know the feeling of the topic. For all the above kinds of college research essay topics, the research is what's vital. While selecting topic for your customized research papers, you ought to think of topics that will offer information which will be helpful to the audience or to your field of study. In the procedure for writing research articles, it's required to adhere to a specific topic. Curriculum proposal topics is a means to try. What follows is an extensive collection of the most fascinating research topics to have you started. Lies You've Been Told About College Research Essay Topics Needless to say, deciding upon the suitable topic for your research paper is the very first and most important step on the best way to writing the paper itself. Making the thesis of the research essay will aid in the research practice. You might also want to suggest more research or comment on things that it wasn't possible that you discuss in the paper. Our customized research papers are also rather original and plagiarism free. Who Else Wants to Learn About College Research Essay Topics? You may use the following methods to turn into a better article writer. Basically, it's dependent upon this issue in which you might identify what things to present in each individual part segment. The topic should likewise not be too narrow it would bring difficulties in receiving conte nt to fill up the desired length of your custom made research papers. For instance, your topic is all about a science experiment. Up in Arms About College Research Essay Topics? If you believe writing of a research paper is simply about gathering relevant materials and copy-pasting then in another document, you're mistaken. When you have that narrowed down, you can concentrate your research and compose a remarkable paper. Without a suitable content, superior research paper topics are not going to make sense. Custom made research papers topic help the writer to define the range of the papers and having a wide topic will signify your customized research papers are going to have very wide scope that can't be reasonably covered comprehensively. Finding out how to compose a research summary isn't a huge deal, because it does not arrive with many methodologies like the research paper itself. Clearly, you won't have the ability to compose a research paper if sufficient information regarding the subject isn't available. Writing an excellent persuasive research paper is a difficult task.

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Experiment The Dumb Jock Free Essays

There were two groups in their experiment. The experimental group was exposed to hints of negative stereotypes through a questionnaire before the examination while the control was exposed to the negative stereotypes after the test. The questionnaire brought to their attention the possibility that they may have been given special treatment and considerations due to the fact that they are athletes. We will write a custom essay sample on Experiment: The Dumb Jock or any similar topic only for you Order Now Somehow, the experiment proved that there is a negative correlation between the exposure of the athletes to negative stereotypes and their performance in taking tests. More exposure to negative stereotypes brought lower scores while less exposure to these stereotypes brought higher scores. For the experimental group, it is possible that answering the questionnaire that exposed them to the dumb Jock stereotype lowered their self-regard that led them to getting low test results. The questionnaire gave them the idea that they are only accepted in the university because of their athletic skills and not because of their academic skills. With this kind of thinking, they might have exerted less effort in nswering the questions of the test because they do not believe that they will get a high grade. He might probably think that the societys expectations regarding his test scores won’t be high and that he, himself, is led to believe that he is accepted in the university as an athlete rather than a student. Similar to the placebo effect, the subject immerses himself to the popular belief and concept of a dumb Jock that might have led him to flunk the test unconsciously when he was given the idea through the questionnaire. The dumb Jock stereotype probably started when the people performing well in thletics happened to be less educated because they spend most of their time honing their athletic abilities rather than their mental abilities. Because of this, people expected less from these athletes and these athletes tend to cling unto mediocrity and expect special considerations because of their situation. I think the athletes, themselves, try to fit their description to the society’s norms. This observation came from years of experience in an NCAA school where a large portion of the population is comprised of athletes. Although IVe seen some who perform well n academics and athletics, it cannot be denied that there are lots of student-athletes who refuse to exert more effort into their academics simply because they think it is not expected of them to do so. In my past school, they nave tried to explain to us now there are several kinds ot smarts and that each and every one of us simply has our own fortes. I think that what’s important is that they are reminded that they are good students who happen to play for the school and not athletes who are required to study while they play. Not only does this straighten their focus, but they are also given the idea that they are accepted as a student not as an athlete. There were instances wherein prestigious schools rejected great athletes not because they weren’t good enough in their field of sports but because they weren’t able to pass the entrance examination. It is important for them to know that they are in their position not entirely because of their athletic prowess but because they are students first and that representing the school comes second. How to cite Experiment: The Dumb Jock, Papers

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The Better Morality Kant and Aristotle on Happiness free essay sample

Because Kant and Aristotle hold practically equal definitions of happiness, the difference must arise from the respective relationships between happiness and each author’s framework of morality. Because Kant offers a more universally accessible route to morality, whose end is the happiness of others, the world as a whole would be both happier and more virtuous if it operated under his philosophy. It is clear that Aristotle thinks happiness is what every human desires. He defines happiness as the highest good (Ethics 1095a), which by definition every person pursues as an ultimate end (1094a). Furthermore, he says that happiness can only be achieved through fulfillment of our characteristic activity, which is the thing that something does which makes it be that thing; for example, the characteristic activity of a flute-player is playing the flute. The good of anything with a characteristic activity is to perform that activity well (1097b). The characteristic activity of a human, says Aristotle, is a life concerned with reason (1098a), or more specifically, the activity of a soul concerned with reason. We will write a custom essay sample on The Better Morality: Kant and Aristotle on Happiness or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore, the good of a human is to perform this activity well; that is, to live a life in accordance with virtue. Because this is a good of the soul, and goods of the soul are the best type of good (1098b), and because achieving the good of a human is the ultimate goal of being a human, Aristotle says that a life in accordance with virtue can be equated to the chief good, i. e. happiness. It is important to clarify that a life in accordance with virtue is a full life of virtuous activity. For if a person is truly virtuous, she will enjoy doing virtuous things (1099a), and because she enjoys virtuous activity she will continue performing virtuous acts throughout her life (1098a). Thus, Aristotle claims not only that happiness is the most desirable thing to humans, but that the way to achieve happiness is to live a life of virtuous activity—in this sense, morality’s desirability equals that of happiness because morality is the only means to happiness. Kant describes happiness as an end that all rational beings must have according to our very essence (Groundwork 4:415), the inclination to which is the strongest inclination we have (4:399). However, Kant does not consider happiness to be in any way related to morality. Unlike the Categorical Imperative, which abstracts all objects and ends from its legislation and drives the core of Kant’s ethics (4:414), the pursuit of happiness is a hypothetical imperative (4:415)—that is, a person can only pursue objects that he believes will help achieve happiness, rather than pursue happiness itself, because happiness is not a clearly defined object, nor is there a clearly defined set of objects that lead to happiness (4:418). Furthermore, Kant makes explicit that â€Å"making a human happy is something entirely different from making him good† and that attaching happiness as an incentive to morality completely undermines its sublimity (4:442). Hence, like Aristotle, Kant believes all humans have a strong desire for happiness, but Kant argues that happiness should not be associated with morality. Despite how it may seem, Kant and Aristotle define happiness in essentially equal terms. Kant says the â€Å"gifts of fortune† such as power and wealth are features of happiness (4:393), and Aristotle concedes that at least some good fortune is required to be happy (1179a). Furthermore, neither of their definitions depicts a â€Å"universal happiness. † In book 1 of his Ethics, Aristotle describes the ongoing debate about what happiness is: some think it’s wealth while others believe it’s honor. Likewise, Kant says that there is no reliable concept of happiness (4:399) and that we can only infer the objects related to happiness through experience, which is inherently misleading as a source of truth (4:418). Lastly, both philosophers believe that happiness relies on reason. As previously discussed, Aristotle’s conception of the path to happiness depends entirely on our use of reason to conduct virtuous activity. And although Kant says that reason distances us from happiness (4:395), I argue that reason and science have raised our standard of living throughout history. Does he really believe that the cavemen huddling around fires were happier than the healthier, longer-living and more enlightened modern man? Furthermore, reason gives us the tools to pursue wealth and power, whose category he labels as happiness. Lastly, he specifically calls happiness â€Å"Power, riches, honor, even health, and the entire well-being and contentment with one’s condition† (4:393). Self-awareness is a faculty of cognizance, and thus to be â€Å"content with one’s condition† requires some level of reason. Thus, as I have shown, Kant’s and Aristotle’s definitions of happiness are equal: both require fortune, neither is universal, and both require reason. If both philosophers define happiness in equal terms, yet treat it in opposite manners, then the difference must arise in their moral structures themselves. Let us examine the accessibility of happiness according to each philosopher. As previously mentioned, Aristotle believes the only way to happiness is through virtuous activity—thus, the accessibility of virtue should equate the accessibility of happiness. He says that the capacity to acquire virtue derives from our nature, although its actual acquisition comes from habit alone. (1103a) Habit is instilled by teachers and lawmakers, so our acquisition of virtue is highly dependent on the quality of our upbringing and the society in which we are raised. 1103b) Therefore, it seems that, in Aristotle’s perspective, unless we operate under the assumption of a perfect socialist state, virtue, and thus happiness, is limited to the privileged few. At first it appears that Kant offers a similarly bleak view. Not only does he say that happiness can nearly be equated to power and wealth, which is obviously much easier for the privileged to attain, but that most people don’t even know what they actually desire to make them happy (4:418). He also implies that happiness and morality might be mutually exclusive. The most powerful inclination against one’s duty is that towards happiness (4:405), and a moral action is one done from duty despite inclination, rather than from inclination or even in accordance with it (4:397). If morality is to act against one’s own happiness, one might ask: why even bother? At least the moral person in Aristotle’s view is rewarded with happiness. The necessity of morality, Kant says, derives from the relation of rational beings to one another. Importantly, one of the three formulations of his Categorical Imperative is to treat all rational beings as ends, not means (4:429). We all have something called dignity, which is the idea that rational beings have a worth beyond any price (4:434), and so each rational being should be treated as an end more valuable than anything else. Furthermore, because it is one’s will that must legislate the laws of morality, acting in accordance with morality is an act of respecting one’s own will (4:440). Still, it seems that Kant believes everyone should act morally simply because they ought to. That alone is not enough to necessitate morality. Perhaps it would be better to imagine a world in which everyone does follow morality. In Aristotle’s case, as discussed, this is impossible without massive societal upheaval. However, for Kant this world is not just a possibility, but a fulfillment of the Categorical Imperative, which by definition is universally necessary for all rational beings to follow (4:414). In this world, the advancement of other people’s happiness is a universal law such that all people benefit from the widespread benevolence of those around them (4:430). This, I argue, is Kant’s way of offering a path to universal happiness. Although a person’s own morality might typically contradict her pursuit of happiness, the collective good will of everyone else would likely overwhelm each individual’s denial of inclinations. For this reason, Kant’s conception of morality offers a more universal way of achieving happiness. In Kant’s â€Å"ideal world,† everyone is virtuous and at least relatively happy. In Aristotle’s â€Å"ideal world,† on the other hand, many people are both virtuous and moral, but the rest are neither. Because a world in which everyone follows Kant’s philosophy appears more realistic and simply better than a world following Aristotle’s philosophy, Kant’s moral framework is more beneficial for the world as a whole. It is interesting that in both these â€Å"ideal worlds,† there seems to be a causal link between morality and happiness, albeit through different means. The necessitation of morality for Kant, then, is precisely this ideal world—we should be moral not just because we ought to, not just because we should respect ourselves and others, but because if we all act morally then our world would be a better one.

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Essay on how the three field system had to change essays

Essay on how the three field system had to change essays There were some advantages to the three field system such as: 2. There was co-operative faming - everyone worked together, 3. Commoners rights meant ability of all to graze their animals, 4. People could work for others who had more land to harvest. These were good things but people wanted change because: 1. Much time was wasted travelling between strips, 2. The land was not distributed fairly, 3. There were tensions between land owners or proper use of land, 4. Strips of grass between farm strips wasted much ground, 5. There was no room for Innervations. Everybody thought that there was a big need for change and they came up with some ideas: 1. The land could not continue to be fragmented, 3. The population was growing so there was more demand for food, 4. Towns and cities needed food that this system did not provide. these however never put into the rules of the three field system and the normal way carried on as usual. The people with less land and little money problems increased more when the commissioners made a parchment that was forty pages long and three feet by two feet in size explaining the new rules of the three field system. They said that the squire got well over 1000 acres, the parson got 400 acres, three wealthy villagers got 200 acres and the poor farmers got half an acre each. Also there was a rule where everyone built enclosures around their land. (There land was now all together, not in different strips) Because these enclosures had to built, the villagers had to pay towards it. They had to pay a sum of 30 each, a huge amount of money in their time. No poor villagers could afford this and were beside themselves with worry. ...

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Steps to Effective Lesson Planning for Grades 7â€12

Steps to Effective Lesson Planning for Grades 7–12 Writing lesson plans ensures that you are addressing the requirements of the curriculum, effectively planning teaching time, and using the best strategies to address student needs.  Ã‚  Your school district may already have a template, or you can use a general lesson plan template as you work through creating your lesson plans. Before Writing the Plan Begin with the end in mind. Ask the following questions: What do you want the students to learn from this lesson?What state or national standards are you meeting?What does the curriculum from your state or your district require?What are the needs of your students in meeting the requirements of the curriculum? Once youve determined this, write a quick description and list out your objectives for the assignment. Ensure that you will provide extra support to students who do not have the skills to meet the objective. Keep a vocabulary list that uses academic vocabulary words  that you can access as you write out your lesson plan procedure. Additionally, decide content vocabulary students will need as well. This will help you remember terms that you need to make sure the students understand as they work through the lesson. Create a materials list and add to this as you write your procedure so that you know exactly what you will need including audiovisual equipment, the number of copies youll need, other required materials, and even the page numbers from books you plan to cover. Creating the Lesson Plan Determine if the lesson is new learning or a review. Decide how you will begin the lesson. For example, decide whether to use a simple oral explanation for the lesson or a pre-activity to determine what students know. Decide the method(s) you will use to teach the content of your lesson. For example, does it lend itself to independent reading, lecture, or whole group discussion? Will you target instruction for certain students by grouping? Sometimes it is best to use a combination of these methods, varying teaching techniques: beginning with a few minutes of lecture- such as five minutes- followed by an activity in which students apply what you taught or a short whole-group discussion to ensure that the students understand what you have taught them. Decide  how you will have the students practice the skill/information you just taught them. For example, if you have taught them about the use of a map in a particular country or town, envision how you will have them practice this information to truly gain an understanding of the material. You might have them complete independent practice, use a whole-group simulation, or allow students to work cooperatively on a project. The key is to get students to practice the information you have presented. Once you determine how students will practice the skills that you taught them, decide how you will know that they understood what was taught. This could be a simple show of hands or something more formal as a 3-2-1 exit slip. Sometimes a game activity can be an effective way to review, or if the technology is available, a kahoot! quiz. Review the draft lesson plan to determine any accommodations you need to make for your class including accommodations for English-language learners and special education students. Once you have completed your lesson plan, include  any details such as  homework assignments. Make any copies of handouts needed and gather materials for the lesson. Tips and Hints Always start with the final assessment, showing that students understand the material you have presented. Knowing the assessments will leave you  better able to focus the lesson on what is essential. Additionally: Refer regularly to curriculum documents and pacing guides.Try not to rely solely on your textbook for lessons, but do ensure that you evaluate any other source you might use like other books, other teachers, written resources, and internet web pages.Some school districts require standards to be listed on the lesson plans while others do not. Make sure that you check with your school district. Always overplan: It is much easier to cut things out of a plan or continue it the next day than fill 15 or 20 extra minutes. If possible, connect homework to real life. This will help reinforce what the students should be learning.

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Business Strategy Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business Strategy - Coursework Example This is also because of the growing demand of UK retail products all around the world and advent of ecommerce facilities (Ethical Consumer, n. d.). When it comes to calculating the maximum retail spending, London is the most popular shopping centre of the country. Though during recession, UK's retail industry faced a heavy blow, but this did not affect their international rankings among the largest retail sectors of the world (Gordon, 2011). UK has been always the hub for clothing and high quality fabrics. The high street fashion industry in London is estimated to be about ?450 billion. This clearly signifies the contribution of the retail apparel stores in UK's economy. The citizens of the country spend about ?1,054 million on clothing and also on footwear in 2009. Overseas also the retail industry of UK earn about ?7.3 billion revenue, which includes countries like USA, China, Russia, Japan, Italy, etc. Internet retailing is also quite prevalent in the country. The top retailers in UK are Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrison, Asda, Marks & Spencer, Alliance Boots, Home retail group and many more (Oxford Said business school, 2011, p. 9-10). Strategic Group Analysis of Marks & Spencer Company Overview The study is all about the strategic group analysis of Marks & Spencer. Marks & Spencer is one of the leading retailers of UK. The retail shops of Marks & Spencer receive about 21 million visitors every week. The retailer provides an attractive range of clothing, food, wine, and home products to its customers. There are around 78,000 employees in the company round the world, including UK. The retailer have about 700 retail store in UK and further plans for expansion is on progress. Marks & Spencer is number one retailer of lingerie and women wear in the country. It is also striving to become number one in menswear, kids wear and home products. The clothing and the home product department of Marks & Spencer generates 49 percent revenue, while other 51 percent revenue is gen erated from the food and wine department. The company has also declared itself carbon neutral and has created a five-year eco plan for the company. The company was started by Michael Marks as a penny stall in the year 1880. He was soon joined by Tom Spencer, who was a cashier of the supplier. The company aims to focus mainly in their core business area that is the clothing section and improve the range of their products. The company also want to work upon their sub-brands. Their motto for the food and wine segment is to present the British flavour to the world. Michael Marks had certain principle, based on which he wanted to develop his retail store. The principles formulated for the day to day business operation were: They wanted to offer their customers high-quality products at an affordable price. They wanted to encourage their suppliers to use the most advance technologies for production. The company wanted to work with the suppliers to ensure highest quality of products offered to the customers. They wanted to provide a friendly atmosphere in the store, helpful services and an excellent shopping experience to the customers. The retailer wanted to improve their efficiency by simplifying their operations. Lastly, the company wanted to maintain a good relationship with the customers, employees and suppliers. Strategic Group This term is mainly used in strategic management. It simply signifies the companies in the same industry have